LED Up-Lighting, Intelligent Lights, Plasma Displays

Basic Light Show – Sound activated moving beams of multi-color lights that add some action to the dance floor.

Deluxe Lighting Package This “Intelligent” Light Show was designed specifically for a Bride and Groom. From a grand entrance and a spotlighted First Dance to highlighting your cake cutting ceremony, you will truly be glowing on your wedding day! This computer controlled light show is programmed for fast dance sets as well as for romantic slow sets. Provides variations in lighting for a more elegant and also hi-tech atmosphere.

LED Up-Lighting

Photo Projection ScreenA “Photo Montage” of pictures from when you were babies through pictures of both of you as a couple ready to be married can be shown on a large projection screen. A truly sentimental crowd pleaser!

Plasma HDTV Display OptionA “Photo Montage” as shown above except on two large 50” Plasma TVs. Also includes digital pictures taken and shown throughout the reception.

LED Up-Light PackageLED Lights are used to add an extremely elegant color-changing atmosphere by lighting up the walls around the perimeter of the room. The color can be constant for a specific theme or to match the colors of your flowers for example. Slow color changes create a dramatic effect.

Intelligent Lights, Plasma Displays, Percussion, Monogram

Live Sinatra Singer – Add a touch of class to your wedding reception. During dinner you and your guests will be treated to a selection of well known Sinatra standards as sung by the New York area’s best singer of Frank Sinatra’s music.

Live PercussionistAdd a little fun to your wedding reception! During the reception, you and your guests will enjoy the rhythmic sounds of a live percussionist played seamlessly along with various dance songs.

Spot-Lighted First Dance

Custom Party Favor PackagesFrom Glow-in-the-Dark necklaces to leis, maracas, straw hats, sunglasses and gangster hats, each package is custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

Black Light Show – Black Lights add an enhanced Night Club type atmosphere, especially when used with party favors that glow in black light. White gloves and white velour fedora hats look spectacular in Black Lights!